1. 4x4x.060”
  2. 4x4x.090”
  3. 5x5x.090”
  4. 6x6x.120”
  5. 6x6x.250”
  6. 7x7x.120”
  7. 7x7x.150”
  8. 9x9x.120”
  9. 9x9x4.8mm
  10. 14x14x4.8mm

Quartz is more expensive, but has the advantage of a much lower coefficient of Thermal Expansion (which means it expands less if the mask gets warm during use) and is also transparent at deeper Ultraviolet (DUV) wavelengths, where Soda Lime glass is opaque.

We usually ship in 2-3 working days.

Yes!  Your plates can be measured and our writing systems can adapt.

Absolutely! Martin Photomask believes the future of our industry is dependent on the success of the students of today.  We will always be here to help.

  1. For the standard format list see out CAD page.
  2. Martin Photomask can accept almost any format.  Contact us for more information.

Yes. There was a time when circles greatly affected the write time of the mask. We now have solutions in place that solve that issue.

We can resolve a 0.5um line on a 6x6x.250” quartz plate. The cost for masks below 1um features sizes become very expensive and are a quote only basis.

Please email us your required mask type and size, substrate (Quartz or Soda Lime), minimum feature size and CD tolerance if you know it to sales@Martinphotomask.com. Attach your data if available, so that we can check it and provide you with a quote.