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We have been working with Bill Martin for well over a decade and continue to use Martin Photomasks for all of our mask making needs. Their combination of experience, CAD expertise, and dedication to customer service is an invaluable resource.

- Regards,
Philip Mauger

I have worked with Bill Martin for more than 15 years. Over this period of time we both have moved to various companies, but I have always looked for Bill for my mask needs because his knowledge of MEMS layouts and expertise in mask fabrication help me complete my projects on time and on budget. In the rare event of an error made on either side, he will ensure it is corrected immediately. Working with Bill is very effective.

- Tom Kwa, Ph.D.
MEMS Design and Development Manager
Meggitt Sensing Systems

Compugraphics has been working directly with Bill Martin and Martin Photomask for the past 11 years and during this time, has provided us with only the highest quality of service.  Bill is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to AutoCAD, digitizing data, layout, design, and the many nuances associated with converting DXF to GDS data.   We receive quick, responsive, accurate and professional service when it comes to data conversions and digitizing requests, which allow us to continue to meet the schedules and needs of our customers.  Bill is skilled at troubleshooting design and layout problems and has always been more than happy to work directly with the designers or students to help them avoid making similar errors down the line.

Martin Photomask has been a great asset to our company, providing exceptional service and value over the years.   They prove over and over to be a very powerful tool to have in our tool box.

- Cathy Widner
Customer Support Manager
Compugraphics USA Inc.

For many years, the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility offered in-house mask making services to our 500+ lab member community.  Our lab members would rely on Bill Martin only for high end masks that were not possible with our laser mask writer system.  Then four years ago, our expert mask engineer retired and his trusty mask writer chose to follow.  We then began working with Bill for ALL our mask needs.  He helped us set up the paperwork and develop training materials for our lab members which ensured they really got what they thought they were asking for.  He even met with Stanford’s accounting organization to help set up ways to facilitate payment in order to expedite mask turnaround.  We still miss our mask engineer, but research efforts at the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility have not suffered for the lack or quality of masks.  Thanks Bill!

- Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility

Our company, Noel Technologies’ Inc. is a service provider of semiconductor thin films for many market segments, requiring our support of design and processing, typically in short turn times.  We have worked with Martin Photomask for over five years.  Bill Martin and staff have provided excellent technical support and superior customer service to Noel, as well as our customers. Bill is a very important member of our technical team, providing invaluable guidance and experience on our projects.


- Brenda Hill Director,
Marketing & Sales
Noel Technologies, Inc.

I have worked in the MEMS industry for over thirty years.  During that time I have worked with many mask shops.  However, about 18 years ago I came across Bill Martin while he was working for one of the major mask shops.  Since then, almost all my photomask business has been through Bill.  I have found his help and knowledge invaluable and an asset to my work.  It has come to the point that I consider Bill’s mask services an extension of my team; whether it is just running a simple plate, or performing and/or checking our CAD layouts, he has been there for us.  Sometimes when trying new things or looking for a vendor who may be able to assist me, I have called him for suggestions.  Bill’s work is timely and friendly; I know that if I am in a pinch because of major deadline and I need to iterate on mask design, that Bill will be there to support me.

- Chris Holland
Principal Scientist
SRI International