Data Conversions

Martin Photomask offers extensive data conversion services.

Most photomask manufacturers prefer that your data be in the industry standard GDSII format. However, most designs are created using many different applications with different output formats. Translation programs exist, but because of the difference in drawing entities your converted data may have missing or incorrect polygons.

Martin Photomask offers the most complete line of data conversion services in the industry. We accept numerous forms of data formats to serve you better.

Accepted input data formats: GERBER · DXF · DWG · GDSII · CIF · EM2000 · MANN · MIC · MEBES · CLIB · CFLT · DW2000 · IGES · HPGL · PICT · TIFF · RIFF · CCTL · BMP · POSTSCRIPT

Martin Photomask will convert any of the above formats to meet all of your photomask requirements.